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Elysium Core 1.12 Repack - Including MMaps and Optional Vendors WoW Server

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The Ultimate Vanilla Repack


This as a complete repack of the open source Light's Hope emulator, with all of its features, including movement maps, anti-cheat protection, multi-language support, progression system, and even an optional custom mall located on gm island made by me. All of the maps are already extracted and the server is ready for use. If you want to run your own fully fledged vanilla server at home that is as close to the live ones as possible without having to compile and configure everything yourself, this is the repack for you. Keep in mind you need a decent computer to run this. I plan on updating the repack every month, so keep checking the thread if you want to be up to date with any new bug fixes.

System Requirements:

- Windows XP or newer.
- At least a dual core processor.
- Minimum 2 GB of RAM.

Repack Features:
- Maps
- VMaps
- MMaps
- Apache
- Anti-Spam
- Anti-Cheat
- Multi-Language
- Optional Vendors
- Progression system

Instructions to run the server:
- Open the batch file "Start MySQL.bat"
- Start the login server "realmd.exe"
- Start the game server "mangosd.exe"

It may take a while to load, so be patient. Remember to change your realmlist to in order to connect to the server.

You can login with admin/admin.

To create a new gm account type this:
account create <name> <password>
account set gmlevel <name> 6

To spawn the custom vendors and trainers at GM Island, you need to execute the file "Custom-GM_ISLAND_VENDORS.sql" located in "sql/custom" on the "mangos" database using a MySQL client program like HeidiSQL, or the batch script that i have provided for your convenience. Use the credentials root/root to connect to the MySQL database. The latest release of the repack also includes Adminer, which is a database management tool written in PHP. You can use it to make changes to the database from your browser after starting the included Apache server. Just type your ip address followed by /adminer.php and login with the information mentioned above. If you want other people to be able to connect to your server, you must change the ip address associated with the realm inside the realmlist table of the realmd database to the real internet ip address of the host machine. You can do this either with your own MySQL client program, with the provided batch script, or by using Adminer from your browser.

The biggest selling point of this emulator is the fact that it has built-in support for patch based content progression. To change what content is available in game, simply change the WowPatch setting in the mangosd config file. This controls things such as what raids, dungeons, battlegrounds, quests and items are available, what stats do certain items have, what creatures are spawned around the world, how many players can enter certain dungeons, and so on with the only things not changing with patch being spells and talents, as that would require using a different client.
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